Craig Hewitt: Blog en-us (C) Craig Hewitt (Craig Hewitt) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:02:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:02:00 GMT Back Yard Animals I am making an effort to take my camera outside every weekend.  It is often hard to find time to go to a park to take wild life photos.  Why not take advantage of the animals I find in my backyard everyday.  I have started a gallery called Back Yard Animals.  I was able to shoot this squirrel while we were both eating lunch.  Click the photo to go to the gallery. 


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Back to Conowingo Dam Recently I made it back to Conowingo Dam to shoot some eagles.  The last time I was there was several years ago.  It has been a while since I have been out shooting.  It has been even longer since I have made a blog post.  I have let myself get to busy and not spent any time behind the camera.  My new years resolution should be to pick up my camera more often.  This years weather has not been cooperating with shooting Bald Eagles at Conowingo.  The temperature has been warm all fall and we have seen more than our fair share of rain.  I plan on heading back a couple more times this winter.  Click any photo to go to the gallery.      2015-11-28-09922015-11-28-0992


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Ospey at Ferry Point Park I was able to get back to Ferry Point Park late this summer.  There were several Osprey that were hanging out.  I was unable to get any photos of them fishing, but I was able to get close to their perch. 2014-08-09-3192014-08-09-319

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Gators and Birds in Florida As part of the holiday routine, we visited my in laws in Florida for Christmas.  As a holiday tradition, I will rent a long lens to photograph birds and other animals.  This year we headed to the Everglades City to see some alligators too. 





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Swallow Falls We took a much needed vacation to Deep Creek MD in August.  One of the highlights was Swallow Falls State Park.  After hiking a short distance, we came across 3 different sets of waterfalls.  Time to take out the ND filter and do some long exposures.








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Ferry Point Park I spent a couple of hours trying out my new circular polariser filter in Kent Island.  I found this little park called Ferry Point Park.  As I ventured, I found this old dead tree in the water.  I added a ten stop neutral density filter to remove the boat traffic and blur the clouds.  If you are traveling on Maryland's eastern shore stop by and see the park.  Take the exit at the Kent Narrows bridge.  The park has free admission.




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NASA LADEE Launch As a young kid, we sat in our seats in our fifth grade classroom for the first launch of the the Space Shuttle Columbia.  Ever since that day in Mr LeFavore's classroom, I always wanted to see one in person.  As the Space Shuttle chapter came to a close, I never had a chance to see a launch.  Fast forward to September 6, 2013.  I made plans with my wife to go to Ocean City MD.  We never make any last minute decisions like this.  Our schedules are booked well in advance.  An hour later, I learned that they were launching a rocket from Wallops Island VA.  Time to get the camera ready.  There was little time for planning.  I was 3 hours away in Baltimore, short on sleep from a late night football game the night before.  No time to even think about getting any gear.  I could only use what was in my camera bag.  The Eminem song "Lose Yourself" kept running through my mind.  The phrase "you only get one shot" was the key.  When the countdown on my phone reached zero, it was time to click the shutter.  All of a sudden, there was a flash of light on the horizon.  The oohs and ahhs started.  After 52 seconds, the Minotaur V rocket was out of the 24mm range of my lens.  Time to recompose the shot.  No such luck.  As it turns out, I only got "One Shot". 

A little bit of the 5th grade kid came out of me last night.  That 5th grade kid would have said something like "That was really rad" or "!@#$% awesome".

More on NASA's LADEE Mission



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Reisterstown VFC 100th Anniversary Parade On May 18, 2013 the Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Company held its 100th anniversary parade.  Here are my photos from the parade.


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New Website Welcome to my new site.  Please bear with me as I navigate my way through the customizations process.  Please come back often.

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